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Lick reviews & transformations

Get inspired by the reviews and decorating stories from our community.


White 01bedroom

A great product which was easy to handle and apply without needing an extra coat! We wanted the room to be light/bright and White 01 did just that!! We would highly recommend the product.


White 01bedroom

Absolutely love the colours and it’s great paint to work with!

Taupe 01hallway

Such gorgeous colours!


Purple 01living-room

We tried around 15 colours but as soon as the Purple 01 was on the wall, we fell in love with it. It’s so compatible and versatile! I love the character of this colour, it just keeps on giving. Whether day or night, it’s really beautiful!


Orange 01living-room

Always recommend.


Grey 08hallway

Great paints to use and lovely colours to choose from! Most of my house is now covered in lick paint, we are very happy to use them time and time again!


Grey 08bathroom

This was our first time using Lick. The samples are a great idea and the paint it’s self was really good quality. The richness and depth in the colour we choose was perfect for the space. I would definitely recommend using Lick paint.


Grey 08kitchen

Definitely recommend.


Grey 07bedroom

Absolutely love the colours and tones are just perfect! Goes so far and covers brilliantly


Grey 07living-room

Absolutely love Lick paint, such great coverage and rich colours!


Grey 07living-room

I had heard such great things about Lick so decided to take the plunge after finding the samples so great to use and move around the room to see the colour in different light! The paint went on so well and with such great coverage!


Grey 07bedroom

Fantastic coverage, and such deep, rich colours.


Grey 06bedroom

Loved it.


Grey 06bathroom

So easy to use - great paint and coverage.


Grey 04living-room

Lick paint is an absolute dream to use! We’ve already painted two rooms in our new house and I don’t think we will use any other paint brand now, it’s so easy to use and the coverage is amazing! I would 100% recommend to others and already have!


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