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The difference between dim and black out blinds

Every window in your home should feature a blind but it’s key that they are fit for the room purpose. From blackout fabrics to dim out versions, we want to show you everything you need to know about roller blinds. Blackout blinds are certainly worth an investment if your sleep is often disrupted by even the smallest amount of light. Another alternative, however, is the dim out option - here we explore them both in full.

What are dim out roller blinds?

The term ‘dim out’ is given to a type of roller blind that can’t be quite classed as a blackout. They range from something that would block out most of the light to something very sheer and come in a wide variety of different colours and styles.

The benefits of dim out roller blinds

Dim out roller blinds are an excellent way to control the light entering a room. If you value your privacy but don’t wish to have every light on, this type of blind is for you. Helping to block out most of the sun without darkening the room, this fabric has many energy-saving properties. Our made-to-measure dim out blinds are available in a selection of on-trend colours so you will easily find one to go with your decor.

The most suitable rooms for dim out blinds

Due to their thinner construction and unlike blackout blinds, dim out fabrics are great for when you need to see what you’re doing. They work in places where you need to block harsh rays but at the same time, don’t want it pitch black, like in a stairway or a hallway for instance. Dim out blinds are additionally a resilient roller blind so are great for kitchens, utility rooms and any other high traffic areas. They’re also great at withstanding moisture so don’t be afraid to fit these bad boys in a bathroom environment either.

What are black out roller blinds?

As the name suggests, black out blinds are designed to stop the majority of light from entering a room. They also come in a variety of optional colours like Yellow 01 or Blue 01 and work using a thicker material or lining to the back of the fabric.

The benefits of black out roller blinds

As well as stopping most light from getting in, black out roller blinds also prevent light from getting out too. This means people can’t see into your home so great if you crave privacy, something that thinner blinds just cannot achieve. They also aid a good night’s sleep, so are ideal for young children and light sleepers who are easily stirred by exposure to light. Live near a road or railway? Black out blinds will even dull noise so when you finally get to sleep you won’t be disturbed.

The most suitable rooms for blackout blinds

OK, so we know black out blinds are fantastic and help to aid sleep but where else can they be used apart from the bedroom? Light can be a big distraction when working so why not fit them in your office? Especially if you need multiple screens. You can also close white black out blinds to watch movies in the front room or even better, actually use the blind as a big screen instead. They’re additionally great for patio doors to protect furniture - the sun is one of the biggest causes of textiles fading.

Now you know the difference between dim out and black out blinds, all you need to do is measure your windows for blinds, choose your favourite colour and order them. Still torn? Order our blind samples to get a real feel for the fabric and colours and get them delivered the next working day.

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