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The best blinds for your bedroom

Bedroom painted in Teal 01 paint with Beige 01 roller blinds

Toying with the idea of new bedroom blinds? For a little stylish privacy in the room where you most need it, blinds are a great choice to cover (and dress) your windows. They’re neat, they’re chic, and they’re fuss-free. And best of all for those of us that aren’t morning people - you can get them in dim and black-out options. Without spending a fortune.

Once you’ve decided on blinds over curtains, there are other questions to mull over: what colour do you go for? Should you pick contemporary roller blinds? Or classic Venetian blinds?

Enter expert advice from our colour consultant. Read on to discover which blind type and colour would suit your bedroom windows best.

Best blinds for a minimalistic bedroom 

Love waking up to that minimalist style? Then a modern roller blind is the perfect bedroom blind for you. It’s contemporary and easy style will help you maintain that chic less-is-more look you’re going for. 

Keep those calming, clutter-free vibes going by opting for a blind in a warmer tone. Our Head Colour Expert Tash recommends the roller blind in Beige 01 for a minimalistic bedroom. Pair it with walls painted in Teal 01 to complement the beige. Opt for dark on walls and light on furnishings to balance things out.

Bedroom painted in Teal 01

Teal 01 - our mid green with grey and blue undertones

Image of a bedroom setting with Beige 01 roller blinds and Teal 01 walls

Keep things calm by combining our Beige 01 roller blinds with Teal 01

Best blinds for a darker bedroom

Brighten up a darker bedroom with lighter walls. Deck your walls out with Pink 02 (fun fact: Pink 02 is our most popular colour). It’s not as ‘pink’ as the name suggests - it has a lot of grey undertones. Order a sample and see for yourself. 

Keeping the grey undertones of the wall colour in mind, we’d recommend pairing your Pink 02 walls with a roller blind in Grey 02, our palest grey roller blind with a hint of sky blue. Suitably serene.

Close up image of Pink 02 painted walls with Grey 03 roller blinds covering window

Pair your Pink 02 walls with our Grey 02 roller blinds for a sense of calm and tranquility

A bedroom painted in Pink 02 Lick paint, with the sun shining through the blinds

Our dusty Pink 02. Photo by @jessicaslittleterrace

Best blinds for a soft and pink bedroom 

Working with a room decked out in pink tones? Opt for a roller blind in Beige 02 and pair it with walls in Greige 02.

Yes, we know. That sounds like a lot of Greige. But if there’s one word we’d use to describe Greige, it’s calming. Although it’s a light colour, it has the warm undertones that you’re looking for. It’ll also provide a nice contrast with any colours in your furnishings.

Close up view of Lick Beige 02 roller blinds

Our light caramel Beige 02 will add an earthy feel to balance out the pink tones in your room

Bedroom with Greige 02 walls

Opt for Greige 02 walls for a blanket of calm. Photo by @being.athome

Find the right blinds for your bedroom windows

As you can imagine, our colour consultants are all over this. If you’re still not sure on which could be the best colour for your bedroom blinds, get in touch for a personal colour consultation. They can recommend which type of blind you should get, which colour, and which wall paint or wallpaper to pair it with. Easy. 

Read more about the best colour for your bedroom here.

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