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5 cosy living room and bedroom ideas for Valentine's Day

Cosy bedroom painted in Lick Pink 01, with furry bed throw and light wooden accents

With the current combination of the lockdown and the uninvitingly frosty weather outside, there’s really isn’t much else to do but hibernate. Most of us are spending our days working from home and our evenings binging on Netflix. So why not create the ultimate hibernation haven to take your comfort levels up a notch, with a few easy decor touches? With Valentine’s and Galentine’s Day coming up, it’s the perfect time to create a cosy cocoon for the eve, whether your V-day plans include a night in with your other half or a Zoom call with your friends. 

From candles and cushions to paint and plants, discover 5 easy ways to make your living room and bedroom cosier in the lead up to Valentine’s Day.

Cosy living room and bedroom idea: candles 

Your choice of lighting can make (or break) how inviting the ambience in your home is. Take it back to a good old fashioned option to add some instant cosy vibes: candles. Candles are classic for a reason. Not only do their flickering flames make you feel instantly warmer and cosier, but they’re also great for creating an intimate vibe without having to install a whole new lighting system. 

It’s also a well-known fact that certain scents can trigger memories. Rekindle your fondest travel memories by getting a few candles with beachy scents such as sea mist or coconut. Or opt for calming scents such as lavender or eucalyptus to create that spa-like feel.

Living room with white fireplace, Lick Blue 07 walls, yellow flowers and candles

Tall candles look wonderful on mantle pieces and add both elegance and cosiness to any space @livinginfifteen

Living room with plants and bohemian accessories painted in Lick Pink 02

Layer your lighting for ultimate cosiness by adding candles all around your room, just like @thesewalkerwalls

Cosy living room and bedroom idea: flowers & plants  

Flowers for Valentine’s Day? A bit cliché, we know. But instead of waiting for someone else to do it this year, gift yourself with a bunch of your favourite flowers. It doesn’t have to be big or fancy, just head to your local shop and find a small bouquet of something cute and colourful. It’ll add an instant pop of colour to your space. And there’s the added bonus of that fresh floral smell. 

To make up for the fact that we’re not getting out much these days, bring a little bit of green into your home with indoor plants. Plants aren’t just a pretty face; they’re also mood boosting, air purifying and they make your home homelier. Try a few smaller succulents in your bedroom and any bigger potted plants in your main living areas.

Flowers with Red 02 painted walls

How beautiful is this flower arrangement by @tess259

Living room with plants and bohemian accessories painted in Lick Pink 02

@thesewalkerwalls combines dried flowers with potted house plants for a cosy, bohemian look

Cosy living room with Lick Pink 02 walls, a dark green sofa and house plant

@wiltshireamy and @boroseblooms opt for chic minimalism in their living room

Living room painted in Lick Green 03 painted walls with bright yellow cushion and flowers in a vase

The burst of colour in the flowers compliments the yellow cushion in the home of @house_in_the_heath

Cosy living room and bedroom idea: cushions & throws 

While our bed’s main function is to keep us comfy as we sleep, you can also turn it into a focal decor point in your room with just a few easy additions. Even just adding a few cushions and throws can take the cosiness level of your room up by a notch. And there’s nothing more inviting than a sea of comfy cushions waiting for you to jump (and sink) into.

Bed with colourful floral cushions, Lick Green 04 painted walls, and a geometric throw

Add bursts of colour in your cushions and throws like @flypyourhome and see your space come alive

Cosy bedroom painted in Lick Pink 01, with furry bed throw and light wooden accents

A warm, furry throw and a generous amount of cushions will instantly make your bed or sofa the ultimate chill out zone @mrspriyadesouza

Cosy living room and bedroom idea: window coverings  

Window coverings aren’t just to keep light and nosy neighbours out. The right window covering can transform your space and they don’t cost much at all. Try adding Venetian blinds or roller blinds as well as curtains for the ultimate cosy combo. Check out our advice on using curtains versus blinds.

Wondering which blinds would go well in your space? Read our blog on best blinds for a bedroom.

Bedroom with Lick White 01 blinds covering bay windows

Opt for Lick White 01 roller blinds for a minimal, subtle look, just like @Katherine_ormerod

Cosy living room and bedroom idea: a lick of paint 

Want to go one step further by adding DIY to the mix? Another easy (and cheap) way to amp up the cosy in your home is with your choice of colour. Colour can have a big impact on your emotions. Consider painting your space with colours that are known to inspire wellness and positivity. If you want to keep your DIY efforts to a minimum, choose to create a feature wall by painting just one wall with a comforting colour. 

Here are our recommendations for colours that are known to be soothing and cocooning:

Go light pinks and greens for a nurturing effect 

Warm and nurturing, pink is the colour of cuddles. You feel safe in it. Try Pink O1 or Pink 04 for soft and soothing vibes. 

Soft, light green is also very harmonising for a space. Opt for Green 01 to bring in a sense of calm to your space. 

Go dark for a cocooning effect

Dark colours can actually have a cocooning effect in a room while also adding a dramatic cosiness. We’d recommend Blue 07, Green 06, or Grey 07 for a cosy grey with a touch of green warmth.

Bedroom painted in Lick Pink 02, with polkadot pillows and house plants

Make your bedroom snug and cosy like @jessicaslittleterrace with Lick Pink 02 paint

Living room painted in Lick Blue 07 with a dark blue sofa and gallery wall

Want the cocooning effect in your living room? Darker shades have the ability to make a space feel more cosy @abscee

Looking for more bedroom inspiration? Check out our recommendations for the best paint colours for bedrooms here. We've also got some expert tips on painting your bedroom and living room green, to inject some calm and tranquility into your home.

Got your cosy touches in place? We’d love to see them! Share your pics with us on Insta @lick

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