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Introducing: new eco-friendly decorating supplies

Lick eco-friendly, multi-room home decorating kit

At Lick HQ, we’re pretty obsessed with all things decor and design. We want to make it as easy and effortless as possible for you to transform your space. But we’re also super passionate about being kind to the environment. So we thought we’d combine our two passions by bringing you products that even the most eco-conscious decorator would choose to use.

As part of our efforts to be more sustainable, we’re partnering up with the first B-certified supplies company in Europe. What does that even mean, you ask? Well, we’re replacing some of our essential painting and wallpapering tools with a new and improved range that’s been manufactured to the highest environmental standards.

All our new decorating supplies are made of sustainably sourced bamboo and sugarcane, so they’re all either compostable, biodegradable, reusable, or recyclable. Oh, and at Lick HQ, we have a zero-tolerance policy on single-use plastics.

Wanna know more? Read on to find out more about our new eco-friendly decorating supplies.

Say hello to our eco-friendly paint brushes 

Produced right here in Europe, our new paint brushes are made of sustainably farmed bamboo, recycled natural bristle, and recycled metal. 

A little ode to bamboo from us: we chose to use bamboo as it grows a couple of feet every day and is never cut to the root, meaning no deforestation. And it makes the air cleaner too, producing 35% more oxygen than alternative materials and absorbing more carbon dioxide.

Lick 2-inch eco-friendly flat brush

Our 2" eco-friendly flat brush

Lick 1 inch eco-friendly angled brush

Our 1" eco-friendly cutting-in brush

Meet our new and improved paint rollers

Onto our new rollers. Also made using bamboo, our paint rollers are made with a recycled metal frame, recycled plastic core, and recycled polyester roller. And, although we really want you to keep reusing them for as long as you need, they’re 100% recyclable for when you’re done with them.

4 inch Lick mini wooden roller frame

Our 4" mini wooden roller frame

9 inch Lick wooden roller frame with polyester head

Our 9" wooden roller frame

Introducing our sugarcane pulp paint trays 

Ever heard of a paint tray that’s won awards? Ours has, twice. Say hello to our award-winning new sugarcane paint tray. Our organic sugarcane paint tray is sourced from a collective in Thailand. They train local farmers to cultivate crops sustainably, creating seed banks for future generations.

Biodegradable, compostable, and recyclable, you won’t even have to wash this tray when you're finished using it. Just dry and repeat.

Lick home eco-friendly pulp tray

Our sugarcane pulp paint tray

Explore our eco-friendly decorating supplies 

So that’s the low-down on our new and improved eco-friendly decorating supplies (read on to find out more about our 5 decorating supplies for the eco-conscious decorator). What about our paints and wallpapers, you wonder? Well, for every Lick paint till and wallpaper roll, we’re doing our bit to give back and minimise our footprint. Here’s how: 

  • For every tin of Lick paint we sell, we’re partnering with the awesome team at 4ocean to remove 18g of plastic from the ocean (the equivalent of 2 plastic bottles) 
  • For every roll of wallpaper sold, we’re partnering with the incredible OneTreePlanted to plant a tree

Want to learn more about eco-conscious decorating? Check out our all-new Sustainability hub.

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