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Why Lick eco paint is the pawfect paint for your pets

Image of puppy looking at the camera, in front of a wall painted in Green 02

The pawfect paint for your pets? Lick no further. 

Pets, we don’t deserve them. At Lick, we love our four-legged friends, that's why it's so important to us to provide a product that loves them back (especially naughty puppies that love nothing better than a tasty skirting board). So, if you're looking for a paint that is safe for your pets and kind to animals, look no further.

Non-toxic, water-based, and low VOC

Our non-toxic, odour-free paints are not only safe for humans; they're safe for animals too. Whilst oil-based paints contain higher levels of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that can contribute to asthma and allergies in animals, not only are Lick's paints low VOC, they are water-based too, which means no sneezes and no wheezes.

Cat on bed with lots of Lick samples, paint and a Lick brush


Puppy in front of wall painted in Lick Green 02

Nom nom nom


High levels of VOCs also contribute to a pungent odour. That 'fresh paint' smell? It's actually metals, chemicals, and other nasties. Our pet pals have a much more acute sense of smell than us humans and what might be a strong smell for us, would be overwhelming for them. Lick's 'smell-free' paints won't be.

Read more about why you should only be using low VOC paint.

Dog sitting on bed, in bedroom painted Greige 02


Cat sitting on bed, in bedroom painted in Link Pink 02


100% Vegan

Unlike some other paint brands, which can use anything from milk, bone, to beeswax in their manufacturing process, all of Lick's paints use plant-based alternatives and are 100% Vegan. Meaning you can decorate your house with a clear conscience.

Dog sitting on a bed in bedroom painted with Black 01


Dog lying on bed in bedroom painted in Lick Beige 02


100% cruelty-free 

And, whilst other companies might test their products on the skin or even by ingestion of animals, none of Lick's paint is tested on animals. Our confidence in both the safety and humanity of our product ensures you can decorate your walls knowing that no animals were harmed in the making of our paint.

Living room with Lick Teal 03 walls and a dog perching on sofa


Two dog sitting on bed in bedroom painted with Lick Pink 04


Protecting the planet and its environment

Did you know that the earth's forests are home to 80% of its biodiversity? And a remaining 15% is found in our oceans? That's why at Lick, we are committed to protecting the planet and preserving its environment. Through our ongoing partnership with 'One Tree Planted' and '4Ocean' we have contributed to planting 1,666 trees and counting (covering an area of 23.5 football pitches) and have cleared a total of 4,564 kg of plastic (equal to 50,710 plastic bottles) from the ocean – thanks to you!

How does it work? We make a donation on your behalf for every pot of paint, pair of blinds, and roll of wallpaper you buy. Therefore, as we as a company grow, so will our contributions to the environment.

For more information, check out how we plant a tree for every wallpaper purchase and remove plastic from the ocean with each paint tin purchase.

Dog looking up at owner who is panting their kitchen Green 05

First coat done!

Dog with Lick paint brush in its mouth

...With a little help along the way! @ohmydaringclementine

So, not only is Lick safe to use in your home with pets, but we are also cruelty-free, and working towards helping protect the natural environment of our world's wildlife. What are you waiting for? Let’s decorate our way to a sustainable future together.

Decorate sustainably with Lick eco paint and visit our sustainability hub for more information.

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