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The best blinds for a living room

Image of living room with Beige 01 roller blinds and Green 02 walls

Since launching our range of blinds, we’ve been getting lots of questions about which type of blinds would suit which room, and of course, which colours (read more about how to choose the right colour when buying blinds) we’d recommend. Read on for Tash’s (our resident colour consultant) top tips on how to add some oomph to your living room with the right blinds.

The best type of blinds for living room 

Before we delve into colours, let’s take a look at the types. From roller and Roman to vertical and Venetian, there’s no lack of choice. We’ve focussed our range on the two most popular styles: roller and Venetian. Get the lowdown by reading through our more detailed posts on roller blinds and Venetian blinds

The good news? We offer all our most popular colours in both styles.  Both styles work equally well in living rooms, so which one you choose comes down to personal preference.

Best blinds to add colour to your living rooms 

Open to adding a pop of bold colour through your blinds? For those who aren’t colour shy, Tash recommends living room roller blinds in Red 02 roller. This vibrant red roller blind has a dusty grey-tint. Prepare for comments, this is a stand-out. 

On to the walls. Opt for a darker colour wall as a base for your poppy red blinds. Try the dark and inky Blue 07 for a living room with drama.

Living room with Red 02 roller blinds and Blue 07 walls

Pair our dusty Red 02 roller blinds with our deep 07 walls for a decadent, cosy living space

Close up image of Red 02 roller blinds and Blue 07 walls

Feeling bold? Shop our Red 02 roller blinds

Best blinds for calming living rooms

Turn your living room into a cocoon worthy of multiple chillout sessions by decorating with calming colours. The colours that Tash recommends for a super serene living room are Grey 02 roller blinds or White 01 Venetian blinds

Paint your walls in Pink 01, our go-to colour for low-key vibes. It’ll contrast just enough with the white or grey blinds and add a touch of warmth to the room. Cocoon it up. 

Image of living room with White 01 Venetian blinds and Pink 01 walls

Opt for some calm and serenity with this relaxing colour combination

Best blinds for neutral living rooms 

Want your blinds to blend in so your furnishings can stand out? For a neutral look, opt for a roller blind in Beige 01. This light caramel blind is versatile and would work well with pretty much any window style and design scheme. If you want to keep things very neutral, pair with wall paint in Beige 01. Or Green 02 for a touch of quiet sophistication. 

Image of living room with Beige 02 roller blinds and Green 02 walls

Create a calm sanctuary for yourself by pairing our Beige 01 roller blinds with our Green 02 paint

Close up view of Lick Beige 01 roller blinds

Find the Lick blinds that are perfect for your living room 

Want to get up close and personal with our recommended blinds? Order a few samples and get involved. Once your living room is sorted, we also have expert colour advice for those of you looking for blinds for your bedroom or blinds for your kid’s bedroom.

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