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Match your walls to London Fashion Week 2021 trends

Image of woman dressed in green dress next to Lick Fern 01 wallpaper

Let’s face it, fashion has taken a bit of a back seat this year, with most of us choosing to live in leggings or lounge wear. But trends don’t stop and we just saw the latest set of them on the virtual runways of London Fashion Week 2021.

The question you may be asking yourself is, are you ready to start incorporating these into our wardrobe with nowhere to go? Maybe not quite yet, but one way to start bringing fashion trends back into your life is with your home decor choices. Fashion and interior design have always been closely linked, as certain patterns and colours become ‘in’ across the board. And as many of us are taking this time to spruce up our homes, now is the perfect time to think about how we can bring those trends in.

With the first virtual London Fashion Week taking place last weekend, there are plenty of new trends to start exploring for your home. With a little help from Lick, discover how to match London Fashion Week’s 2021 trends to your walls and bring the runway into your home.

London Fashion Week 2021 trend: florals

Florals for spring? Not exactly revolutionary, but it works for autumn/winter. Take this trusty trend to your walls with a wallpaper choice such as Electric Poppies 01 by Natasha Coverdale. By opting for a floral paper, you’re also on-trend with the whole ‘bringing the outdoors in’ thing. 

When adding floral to your interior design, consider the size of the prints. Larger prints can overwhelm small rooms, so try more delicate prints such as Anemone 01 or Anemone 02.

London Fashion week look of woman wearing floral suit

Emilia Wickstead via Glamour magazine

Hallway decorated with Lick x Jenna Hewitt Anemone 01 turquoise floral wallpaper

Get the look with Anemone 01

London Fashion Week 2021 trend: bold colours  

Bold is back as shown in the choice of loud colours on the digital runways. Add a splash of bold as an accent or on your furnishings by opting for the warm blood Orange 01 or go bright and bold with the sunny Yellow 01.

Fashion week shot of woman wearing bright orange dress

Roksanda RTW via wwd

London fashion week shot of woman wearing bold colour blocked pink and salmon dress

Roksanda RTW via Harpers Bazaar

Lick Orange 01 Paint 2.5L Tin

Get the bold look with Lick Orange 01

London Fashion Week 2021 trend: loud prints

The city’s very first digital season saw a flurry of loud prints. Luckily, this is a trend that is easily brought to the home through wallpapers. If you’re not ready to go all the way and wallpaper all four walls, use a quirky printed paper to create a feature wall in one of your rooms. Try the fantastical and botanical Mars Meadow 02 or the exotic Paradise Vine 01 to bring this trend to life in your home.

London fashion week shot of woman wearing loud floral and geometric patterned outfit

Victoria Beckham via Glamour Magazine

Woman holding Lick x Natasha Coverdale Mars Meadow 02 wallpaper

Get the look with Mars Meadow 02

 London fashion week shot of woman wearing floral exotic flower print on her dress

Edward Crutchie via Harpers Bazaar

Bedroom decorated with Lick x Belinda Bayley Paradise Vine 01 orange exotic botanical wallpaper

Get the look with Lick Paradise Vine 01

London Fashion Week 2021 trend: bringing the outdoors in 

We’re all missing the outdoors these days. And it seems that many fashion designers and creative directors are feeling the same way, with brands such as Burberry paying tribute to nature and creating countryside inspired collections.

Want wallpaper that brings this trend to life? Try the leafy Fern 01 that looks like it’s been painted directly onto your walls. Or if you want to nail three trends with one wallpaper, try Jungle 01 for bold colour + print + bringing in a touch of nature.

London fashion week shot of woman wearing green dress

Burberry via harpers bazaar

Lick x Jenna Hewitt Fern 01 green botanical wallpaper with shadow

Get the natural look with Lick Fern 01

Looking for more colour inspo? Check out our blog posts on the colour trends of 2021 and how to use the 2021 Pantone colours of the year in your home.

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