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4 Christmas tree decoration ideas to match your wall colour

Whether you put your tree up early this year or are holding fire until this weekend or next, there’s always room to add a few decorations more to the mix. To cater to trend-led trees across the nation, we asked stylist Sarita Sharma (“one of the best interior stylists to follow” according to the Sunday Times – and team Lick, of course) to come up with her Christmas tree decoration ideas to perfectly pair with the paint colour on your walls.

Spoiler alert: it’s all about bright, warming neutrals or pure and simple minimalism on 2020’s trend front, says Sharma. Who knows, maybe you’ll end up going above and beyond with your Christmas tree decorating this year by repainting your room to nail one of Sarita’s four festive looks – we’re certainly tempted…

Christmas tree idea #1: Maximalism

This first look is one for all the colour-lovers out there who like the idea of their decor being bold and bright. This year, we’ve had no real opportunity to get dressed up so that means channeling all of that energy into your tree’s festive attire. Be playful, have some fun (we’ve all certainly earned it), and go maximalist with your tree. Anything goes this year so we might as well be a little flamboyant – it’ll certainly make a statement in your space and add much-needed festive sparkle.

Sarita suggests: bright and gleaming baubles that really pop against a dark backdrop.

Sarita’s perfect paint backdrop: Blue 06 – dark, handsome and a pared-back foil that’ll light dazzling decorations really pop.

Christmas tree decorated with colourful baubles and tinsel garland against Lick Blue 06
Lick Blue 06 paint tin next to Christmas tree

Christmas tree idea #2: Japandi

Here’s a two-in-one trend that blends Scandi simplicity with the uncomplicated lines of Japanese design – hence ‘Japandi’. In fact, the trend for Nordic interiors stems from Japanese interiors so they two really do go hand in hand. This Christmas idea focuses on all things pared-back with plenty of geometric shapes and stripes. In terms of palette, your tree decor should be kept quiet monochrome and looks at its best in a green environment with plenty of natural wood accents.

Sarita suggests: black and white Christmas tree decorations like contemporary black baubles and white stars whether they’re felted or ceramic – or both.

Sarita’s perfect paint backdrop: Green 02 – a soft, warming sage green that feels understatedly festive and stops the monochromatic decorations from casting a chill.

Christmas tree decorated in white snowflake baubles against Lick Green 02 wall

Christmas tree idea #3: Traditional

Who doesn’t think of a Christmas tree in red and gold as the ultimate festive symbol? If the room where your tree is located is a deep, burnished red or even a burnt copper orange (like Orange 02), give your tree the traditional treatment with raw wood decorations alongside other natural elements like twig garlands to bring the outside in.

Or, if you’re looking at this from the other way around and know that you want a traditionally decorated tree and are wondering what sort of colour scheme would suit it, go for these earthy, spice hues that are a modern take on classic pillar box red. Your scheme will feel extra homely and super welcoming.

Need further convincing? Read our colour trend report for AW20 with earthy reds in at the top spot, as well as what’s look to lead the way for 2021. Hint: warming neutrals and spiced hues are the name of the game.

“Spicy hues will feel extra homely and super welcoming.”

Sarita suggests: combine heritage Christmas decorations like cheery red baubles – both the matte and the glossy sort – with wooden decorations on and around the tree to draw out a woodland, alpine lodge character that a red colour scheme suits to a tee.

Sarita’s perfect paint backdrop: Red 01 – a deeply warming umber red that’s surprisingly soft so your space will feel undeniably festive and made for hibernating in.

Christmas tree decorated in red baubles against Lick Red 01 wall

Christmas tree idea #4: Modern vintage

This final Christmas tree trend taps into faded vintage elegance inspired by the 1920s with soft pastel pinks and blues as the colour heroes. If your walls are already painted in a muted shade if pink, that doesn’t mean you have to rule out pink Christmas tree decorations – quite the opposite. You can still decorate your tree with further dashes of pink, but offset them with hanging decorations in a medley of other hues, from blush-based bronzes and champagne to frosted blues.

Sarita suggests: Be sure to pick out at least a few of baubles in a shimmery pearl finish to ensure your Christmas tree stays on the elegant side of pretty. The occasional white decoration too will stop pink from feeling too sugary.

Sarita’s perfect paint backdrop: Pink 03 – muted with a hint of grey, this is a pink that’s bound to sit well with everyone under your roof – even though who don’t count themselves as a pink person.

Lick Pink 03 Tin in front of decorated Christmas tree
Christmas tree decorated in pastel coloured baubles against Lick Pink 03 wall

Sarita’s Christmas tree dos and don’ts

Straight from a stylist’s notebook, Sarita shared with us five of her Christmas tree decorating musts (and must nots) to tick off as you go:

  • Testing, testing: always plug in and check your fairy lights first before spending forever weaving them around the tree to then find a few of the bulbs have blown. A tip that’ll save you some frustration, especially if you test them a week or two before you plan to put up your tree so you can get a new set in plenty of time.
  • Invest in the statements: not every bauble on your tree is destined to be a showstopper, so buy a few boxes of cheaper decorations to act as fillers and then invest in a few statement ones that will be the main feature on the tree.
  • Front and centre: concentrate your decorating skills on the front-facing parts of the tree rather than wasting baubles at the back – nobody’s going to get to appreciate them there!
  • Mix things up: remember that the best-dressed Christmas trees are the ones that have decorations in a mix of sizes and scale – contrast is what keeps things interesting.
  • Back to base: don’t forget to let your Christmas tree base get involved if the dressing up box. If you don’t fancy a Christmas tree skirt or stand, why not decorate it with logs or pad it out with a few fake (but beautifully wrapped) presents? Just be sure to not accidentally gift an empty box to a friend or family member…

Match your Christmas tree decorations with a little help from the Lick paint palette – explore all 50 hues here.

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