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How to make handmade Christmas cards using leftover paint

Lick tins next to handmade Christmas cards

At Lick, we hate waste – and Christmas is a bad time of year for it. It’s estimated that an additional 3 million tonnes of rubbish are discarded during the festive season. So while you might not be decorating your house this December, dig out your leftover paint and pick up your brushes nevertheless.

You will need

  • Leftover (Lick) paint
  • Card or wrapping paper
  • Potatoes (are best, but other vegetables will do)
  • Festive cookie cutters or a Stanley knife
  • Sponge or paintbrush

Optional extras

  • Glitter (Top tip: edible glitter looks just as good and is biodegradable!)
  • Anything else you’ve got lying around to decorate your card)
Lick paint tin next to potatoes and cookie cutters

How to make handmade Christmas cards

  1. Cut your potato in half. If you’re using a cake cutter, place it firmly in the centre of your potato and cut around the design. If you’re using a Stanley knife, you’ll need to trace your design onto the potato and cut around it.
  2. Dry your potato using a kitchen towel (a wet potato can prevent the paint from sticking properly).
  3. Once dried, apply your paint using a paintbrush, sponge or roller. This produces a neater effect, rather than pressing the potato directly into your paint.
  4. Time to print. Firmly press your potato on your card or wrapping paper and hold for several seconds.
  5. That’s it! If you’re creating a pattern, repeat as above or leave to dry and get creative with your festive embellishments.
Potato with Christmas cookie cutter
Lick paint tin in Green 02

Wondering what you could use your leftover Lick palettes for?

  • Whites: Anything snowy! Snowmen, snowflakes, use your paintbrush to create a blizzard.
  • Greens and teals: A Christmas tree, holly, mistletoe and brussel sprouts.
  • Beiges, reds and oranges: Gingerbread people, reindeer and robins
  • Black: Penguins
  • Blues and purples: Baubles and presents

Don’t worry if it’s a little messy, part of the humble potato print’s charm is in its imperfections. And if in doubt, remember there’s nothing more thoughtful than a handmade gift and a bit of glitter makes everything look better.

If you’re wondering other ways to re-use and recycle your Lick products, take a read of our blog post on how to re-cycle your Lick products or discover ways to use leftover paint.

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