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How to fix mistakes when painting

No matter how experienced a DIY painter you are, occasional mistakes are inevitable. Dealing with a botched paint job is never fun - but the one thing we’ve learned is that in the main - mistakes you make when painting are mostly fixable.

No bubbles, no troubles.

Mistake: Paint bubbles on your fresh paint job 

The Fix: Paint bubbles and blisters usually occur as a result of a moisture or temperature issue within your home. Find out the root cause before repainting. Once that’s all dealt with, get rid of any existing bubbles by scraping off the paint in affected sections and then sand smooth. Re-prime and repaint. All smooth.

Paint splodges aplenty? There's a fix for that.

Mistake: Paint marks on your trim or skirting board.

The Fix: Accidentally skimmed the trim or skirting board with your paintbrush? It happens. Sand any dried up paint patches off, remove the dust and touch up the area in the same colour as the trim/skirting.

Don't panic; drip marks are a common mistake to make.

Mistake: Drip stains 

The Fix: If you got a little carried away and overloaded your brush with paint during the application process, you may find yourself dealing with drip stains. Fix them by waiting for the paint to dry and scraping off with your trusty paint scraper. Sand the affected area smooth and repaint, taking care to blend freshly painted sections with the rest of the wall.

Brush and roller marks are easily done and easily fixed.

Mistake: Roller or brush marks 

The Fix: Sometimes referred to as ‘lap marks’, roller/brush marks are a result of not maintaining a wet edge while you’re painting. Don’t fret though, this can be easily fixed. Sand down the affected area to a smooth finish and get rid of any dust. Re-paint, making sure the coat is thick enough to blend into the rest of the wall.

Speed is key when it comes to paint on carpets.

Mistake: Carpet stains

The Fix: Sometimes, even if you take extra care to drape a protective cloth over your flooring, tiny (or not-so-tiny) paint splatters can make their way onto your carpet. Blame it on the fact that you got so caught up in the painting process.

Carpet stains are easier to fix than you might think, and even easier if you catch the stain while the paint is still wet. Blot immediately with a wet cloth (taking care not to rub) and then spritz a regular carpet cleaning solution for a minute. Flush it out with a wet sponge and leave to dry.


Remember, painting mistakes are rarely permanent. Fix it, dust yourself off and carry on with the job.

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